Matthew Hamill - Owner Of MatthewPhotographs™

Who Is MatthewPhotographs?!

I'm Matthew Hamill, 21 y/o from Antrim, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom. I'm a passionate guy that loves Photography (especially seeing peoples reactions/thoughts about my work) & capturing those special photos that make me unique as a Photographer.

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What is MatthewPhotographs?

MatthewPhotographs™ is a Photography Business/Brand specialising mostly in Landscape Photography which started back in 2017 - founded by me, Matthew Hamill. Soon MatthewPhotographs™ will be a Registered Business/Company ® in 2020 where I'll be offering My High-Quality Services for Budget-Friendly prices!

Antrim Castle Grounds Canal By MatthewPhotographs™

What Does MatthewPhotographs Offer?

I Offer Many Different High-Quality Photography Services For Budget-Friendly Prices That You'll Be 100% Satisified By The Outcomes! I Also Offer Other Services Like Photo Editing, Custom Prints Of Your Own Images You Send To Me & Much Much More!

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My Passion For Photography

The passion I have for Photography always shows in my work, as I only ever post photos that I'm happy with ( I'm my own toughest critic! ), but I love the work I do, and hearing peoples thoughts and opinions on my work makes it all the more rewarding. I'll always strive to bring my clients the best material I can produce, so your Guaranteed 100% Satisfaction when you see the end result of my work.

Why Choose MatthewPhotographs™

Why You Should Hire Me

  • Reliable Service
  • High-Quality Work
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  •  Easy to work with.
  • Rated 5⭐ on Yell, Facebook & Google.
  • Professional Service
  • Flexible Prices To Fit Anyone's Budget
  • When you hire me you get my Passion for my work (Photography Is my Passion & it even shows when I'm discussing Photography in general)!

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